Roy Candlestick Bundle/3


Your ROY candlesticks will always be the centre of attention, whether it's popping the champagne at a dinner party, sharing an intimate moment, or simply sitting regally on a shelf, because they are just too pretty to burn. We encourage you to have fun and be creative! Mix and match to create your own ROY experience.  

In your ROY bundle you will receive:

1 x Rudi
1 x Otis
1 x Yumi

Place your ROY candlesticks in your preferred candle holders to catch any wax that may drip while burning. Keep away from draughts & flammable items.  Note that burning time is subject to environmental conditions. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not leave the candles unattended. Put out the candle before the flame reaches 2cm from the base. Please also keep your ROY candlesticks out of direct sunlight.