SŚAINT - Velvet Bloom


Surround yourself in soft, luxurious comfort with SŚAINT's Velvet Bloom. This delicate fragrance blends succulent peach with notes of iris, wistful cedarwood, and a light touch of saffron for a balanced, comforting scent. Subtle musk finishes the blend with a hint of blissful nostalgia. Create a luxurious atmosphere with Velvet Bloom.

Unisex fragrance with the below notes:

- Peach, Green Notes and Blackcurrant

- Turkish Rose, May Rose and Iris

- Italian Iris, Virginia Cedar, Pepper, Orris & White Musk

Each of our fragrances contain 20% perfume concentrate, are cruelty-free and are without toxic chemicals or harmful elements. See below for full ingredient disclosure.