Globe Bowl - Mandarin


We are delighted to be the first and only WA stockist of Batch# Ceramics.

The Batch# Globe Bowls are half spheres with a very small base so they are wobbly, round with personality as they never sit still.

Batch# is designed and manufactured in Sydney by Joy Smithers, pieces are individually created, meaning each piece is unique and no two items are the same.

Joy creates beautiful, functional tableware. She selects materials using a similar process as a chef sourcing ingredients from different regions - sourcing the clay, the glaze ingredients and firing temperatures; add all of that together and each Batch# ceramic has its own character and is an original piece.

Product details:

Size: H6cm / L13cm / W13cm

Material: Slipcast Earthenware.

All ceramics are dishwasher proof and microwave safe.