Bright in the Night


When night falls, everything is dark. Or is it? The moon shines with a pale light. A car drives along the street, and when its headlights flash, we see two bright dots run by. Is it a cat? Or perhaps a fox? If we stand still for a moment, our eyes will adjust to the darkness. We can see twinkling stars in the sky, and sometimes even the bright belt of stars called the Milky Way.

The night contains both light and darkness. Come on a journey and visit the dark forest, the deep ocean and the shadows of the city, and discover everything that glows, glitters and shines in the night!

About the Author:

Lena Sjoeberg is an award-winning author, illustrator, and visual artist. She has published numerous books for children, and was awarded the Elsa Beskow plaque for her book What If.