Nesting Bowls/4 Piece - Biscotti


Embrace the elegance of Biscotti: a soft, warm neutral colour that will bring your kitchen or dining table to life.  Styleware's Biscotti Nesting Bowls Collection is the perfect addition to any space. Snap-tight, lightweight and always ready for your day-to-day, you'll never feel out of place, no matter where you're dining. 

DIMENSIONS: 3-piece (S+XS+M) set. 

  • XS: height 4.2cm - diameter 12.5cm - volume 0.25L
  • S: height 5.7cm - diameter 17.5cm - volume 1.0L
  • M: height 7.2cm - diameter 22.5cm - volume 2.2L
  • L: height 8.2cm - diameter 27.5cm - volume 3.8L

Snap-tight (perfect for wet foods, take care with liquids) ⏤ Timeless Style ⏤ Microwave, dishwasher, fridge + freezer friendly ⏤ BPA/Phthalate free ⏤ Nesting Storage ⏤ Made and Designed in Australia

MATERIAL: Polypropylene. food grade, BPA and Phthalate free.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Top rack dishwasher, fridge and freezer friendly, remove lid for microwave.